When we meet the moon
The Sun Falling to Set
The Moon Rises to Gaurd the Night
Protecting us With Its light

About When We Meet the Moon

I love the moon and everything that it does for us. For example, when the sun goes down, darkness falls, and the night sky is illuminated with the stars and the moon. The temperature drops as the earth transitions from day to night, and the nocturnal animals become active after spending their days in rest or sleep. The nighttime environment differs from daylight hours, providing a unique experience for everyone on earth.

The stars we can see at night are spectacular and can be used for celestial navigation and orientation. The moon, just as important as the sun, graces us with its face, providing an additional light source to the nighttime sky. The night brings a different beauty, making it as memorable as the day.

However, I chose to write a Haiku about the moon because of its influence on art, poetry, mythology, writing, and science. It holds a special place in the imagination of humanity, inspiring the works of poets and scientists alike. But the moon is more than just an object of beauty and wonder; it also has a vital role in Earth’s environment and climate.

It is the closest celestial body to the Earth, and its gravitational pull is the primary cause of the tides. The moon’s orbit around the Earth also helps regulate the day-night cycle, which affects many biological processes vital for life on our planet. In short, the moon is an integral part of the global environment and has a huge influence not only artistically but also in life, which I thought to be a perfect subject for a Haiku. I hope you enjoyed it.

Poetry Specifications

  • Poem Structure: Haiku.
  • Theme: Nature.
  • Main Emotion: Admiration of the moon.
  • Rhyme Scheme: Haikus traditionally don’t rhyme, but who am I to dictate that? This one did, and yours can as well, so if a natural rhyme can be done in your Haiku, I say write it the way you want.
  • Stanzas: 3. Most Haikus are short and sweet.

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