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The William J. Baker Complexities of Life Comic Strip Collection

Welcome to the Complexities of Life comic series, where I create comic strips about the absurdity of life. One of the great things about comic strips is that they can convey powerful messages artistically and metaphorically through individual interpretation. Comic strips can be philosophical, political, satirical, or just plain funny.

Comics are also very versatile, as they can mean different things to different people; honestly, there isn’t a wrong or right way to interpret them. You are empowered to decide for yourself what they mean and how they make you feel, so read them, think about the meaning, and stick with your thoughts.

In my comic strip series, I get my inspiration from society and pick a part that is ironic and hypocritical and showcase the funny side of it through comical artistic measures. I hope you enjoy my comic strip series; however, I know not everyone will.

If there is something that you find repulsive, please know that I do not intend to offend. I am exposing a part of society that I find appalling by merely poking fun or acknowledging its existence and displaying the absurd nature of humanity. So, if I can endure it through real life, you can deal with a comic.

Complexities of Life

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Failed Resolutions

Featured comic strip for January, Complexities of Life, Failed Resolutions

Failed Resolutions

Complexities of life, failed resolutions

Published January 25, 2023