Welcome to my author site, where I write about various topics in philosophy, society, relationships, and inspiration. I also have a web series called the Complexities of Life, where I bring to light the funny, strange, hypocritical, and ironic side of life. And I will be publishing my first major novel in 2023, so if you like my writing style, be sure to check it out. Until then, be good, my friend.

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Be Extraordinary

How to be Extraordinary 

Being extraordinary means being the best version of yourself. Humans have an incredible capacity to grow and thrive beyond our mindset, which is often sabotaged by our actions. We can use our creativity, ingenuity, and passion to find new ways to express […]

Will Baker
Layla Night sky Poem

Lady of Night

Lady of night, who makes my life complete. Assembled through an affair by being discreet. You are everything I need and more. Lady of night, my mi amore. Always and forever yours. About Lady of Night Lady of Night is an acrostic […]

Will Baker